Everybody cut everybody cut

Every time I hear this song I can't help but smile and think of the all time BEST dance scene in the history of film. Before the Bacon Brothers, before Sex in the City...there was Footloose. I rarely watch this classic, but when I do I can't WAIT till this scene. It goes down in history as a scene that will always make me smile, sing along, tap my foot, and make me want to do synchronized dancing with my friends. I mean, their excitement is contagious! Plus, how do they dance so good?!? It makes me want to live in a small town where dancing is illegal, then break all the laws and cross the tracks and DANCE! Enjoy!


Angerson said...

Yes I know. I wrote it, but I'm commenting. here are the people I noticed dancing...

1. Anna Nicole Smith / Stifler's mom
2. MrBean dance moves
3. Ryan Holladay
4. David Hasselhoff
5. The "Heyyyyy yooou guuuuuyyyys" guy from Goonies

Anonymous said...

we are so doing this at my wedding.

amersons said...

you are NOT going to believe this: i just downloaded this song for camp tonight. oh awesome. can we rent this/buy this and watch it SOON?!?!