New facts I learned this week:

- Out of all the infected patients of this disease, only 11% are actually taking medication.
- New strains of the virus are continually developing, so medicine that works for one person may not work for another.
- By the year 2010, if HIV/AIDS keeps spreading the way it has been, 12,000 people a day will die (opposed to now, which 6,000 people a day die of the virus)
- HIV is more prevelant in woman than men.
- Every 14 seconds a child is orphaned due to HIV/AIDS
- When a study was done by World Vision in the 90's, they interviewed 3000 churches across the US -- only 3% of those churches were willing to help those infected with HIV/AIDS.

Another amazing thing I realized is how much more people are likely to get involved with something if they're immersed in a culture. Even if it's through an exhibit; by listening, seeing, and touching people automatically feel connected to those who are infected. A personal story - with a face and a voice will always outweigh any 3rd person speech or sermon.

The AIDS exhibit was so amazing last week; it'll be at the Crystal Cathedral in Jan....if you missed out make sure to check it out in January!

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