Fruit of the Month

I just received a Christmas Harry and David catalog today at work. I've never even looked inside one of these before; however, I am a big fan of fruit --- so I glanced inside. I opened up to see their Fruit of the Month Club pages. This seems like such a swanky and old school gift, one that a boss gives to his employees or something like that.

However, I wouldn't mind getting this as a gift for the following reasons:

1. Fruit is delicious; plus these are USDA certified organic fruit

2. Fruit is even more delicious when it's delivered to you

3. It's a gift that literally lasts all year long

4. It's kind of pricey so I wouldn't buy it for myself

5. Serving tips and suggestions are included in each shipment -- something you can't get at the market

If you're looking to get me a gift, this is a great option for you to strongly consider.

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Heather McTaggart said...

Ange, if you are ever looking for great produce...I have a great produce vendor. If you need something special ANYTIME of the year...I CAN GET IT within 24 hours! It's a perk for working where I work! Hey, thanks for letting my daughter hang out with all of you at the World Vision Tent last week, she had the TIME OF HER LIFE! It really touched her in SO many ways and made her look at her life and where she wants to go! THANKS AGAIN for your great influence!