Irrational Fear #3

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I have an irrational fear that somewhere, somehow, there are snakes in my room.

I don't know why I have this fear...but I have always wondered where the hidden snake is in my room. It could have easily slithered in through my door to the atrium, from the garage door, front door -- anywhere! You know how snakes like to coil up in dark places? It's dark under my bed. In my closet. Behind my tv. Under my covers. Many many places...

Now, to be rational here -- there are probably no snakes in my room. What would he eat? Why haven't I ever seen him? Wouldn't he have eaten my cat by now?

BUT -- I still have a fear that somewhere, somehow, there are snakes living in my room.
Stay tuned for more irrational fears.


Courtney said...

Your house kinda is a funny farm...their are animals everywhere! So a snake might not be too far off.

Julie Hibbard said...

You're funny...no snakes at my house. Spiders tho. But they are really friendly...I do photo shoots with them!