bravo bono.....bravo

Went and saw U2 3D at the Spectrum last night....it was the 11:30 showing, so it wasn't too packed but it was AMAZING! I KNOW a real concert would have been better, but this was sweet...I kind of felt like I was there in Buenas Aires.... The best was Sunday Bloody Sunday....soooooo amazing.

Here is Bono in 3D:

And here's Bono in un-3D (yes, I put 3D glasses on my camera phone to take these pictures)

I have a crush on Bono now, to be completely honest. He's a great performer and I will DEFINITELY go see him next time he's touring....

If you get a chance, it's still playing all day today at the spectrum....I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!

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sunshine said...

so amazing!! i love u2, and bono is really inspirational. not in the angelina jolie way but in the i really want to help without being noticed way.