Genius Bar?

Well....not so genius. Why? Cuz I took my beloved ipod in to see if they could recover anything.
They couldn't.

Yes -- I can get a discount on my next ipod.

Yes -- a new ipod is a good idea.

No -- I can't take anything off my ipod that's currently there (pictures, music)

Yes -- I'm sad about it.

Yes -- I'm excited about buying a new one.

No -- I don't have 1/8 of the music I once had.

I don't mean to be so dramatic about it...but there were some pretty sentimental pics on there...and that's what makes me so sad. Courtey -- all my pics from Brazil! Julie -- that pic of me taking a pic of those Chinese tourists at church! Mercedes -- that great pic of the 4 of us at camp! Brian -- every single Mexico pic I've ever taken! Nancy -- all those Breakout pics and ones of my decorated desks! ......soooooo many good ones......

What have I learned from this? BACK UP MY STUFF! DON'T PUT ALL MY FAITH IN TECHNOLOGY! There are obviously a few kinks we need to work out with the geek squad...

So -- feel like burning me some CD's of your favorite tunes for me? Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!


The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

Ange my friend.....so....sorry about your photos. You are more then welcome to come and get any you want from me i still have them all. And they are backed up on disks.

Alli Hibb said...

I would love to give you some of my favorites...I don't know when I'll see you...but I'll make them...

sunshine said...

what kind of music would you like???

it doesnt really matter, i will burn you some fun stuff. thats so sad. i am terribly sorry.

ill hook you up. no worries! :]]