Dear ipod,

In the past 2 days you've frozen on me twice, and now you won't turn on. Your warranty has expired, and your AppleCare is long gone... I feel like you're coming to the end of your ipod life and that makes my heart very sad.

I remember when I first got you....a gift from some wonderful friends and a total surprise! You've been through good and bad times with me over the past several years, it makes me sad to think of you not in my car anymore.

You've been around the world with me several times; gone through multiple books, countless songs and podcasts, even played the Bible for me. You have thousands of pictures (which I don't have anywhere else), thousands of songs (which I don't have anywhere else). I've tried to take them off, but Senuti is only available for Macs.

Now, I know you may be insecure because of the newer ipods: the video ipods, iphone, etc...they may be sleeker, they may have more functions, and they may be more popular..........but you'll always be priceless to me. Don’t allow these insecurities to force you into quitting!

So, I beg of you, please stay around a little longer...at least give me time so I can find a PC program to burn all my stuff off. Then I'll lay you to rest in the ipod cemetery with all your forefather ipod generations....

Thank you for your consideration,
Ange and Steve Jobs


Julie Hibbard said...

Are you delirious? Please take your iPod to the Apple store tomorrow. They will give it a proper burial and will give you $35 toward a BRAND new one! Get a new, beautiful iPod Ange. Look forward...a new day is here!

Courtney said...

Ange...I know a program that you download on your computer that rips all the music off your ipod and onto your computer...I'm sure it works for pictures too. I just did it to my ipod when my computer crashed and I lost all my purchased music. Its called Sharepod and I have more info about it, email me.

I know this feeling you have a pit in your stomach and you want to vomit....I think I can help!!