Today is a good day.

First time I saw New Kids on the Block in concert:
New York...Saratoga...with my mom and sister Mercedes

Second time I saw NKOTB in concert:
Irvine...when it used to be called Irvine Meadows...with my mom and sister Mercedes

My two very first concerts ever...........and so great! And now they are back!!!

Read the story HERE.
Visit their fan website HERE.

1. When /if NKOTB starts their tour -- will you go and see them???
2. Who was your favorite NKOTB? Mine was JOEY!!!!!!!
3. Can you name all 5 members of this notorious boy band??


Butch Jamie said...

Oh NO...

Alli Hibb said...

1) Absolutely.
2) Jordan Knight.
3) Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, Jon Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood.

Bethany said...

Answers from a true fan...
1. You know I'm there!
2. I LOVED Jordan
3. Danny, Donnie, Jordan, Jon, and Joe

amersons said...

some thoughts about this groundbreaking news:

1. hopefully a couple of them grew out of their awkward stage. seriously.
2. aren't they all like 30 now?
3. it is going to be so funny to see them doing bits on good morning america.
4. hopefully they leave their color me badd matching leather jackets back in the 90's where they belong.
5. i guarantee you that some young people in our lives will soon ask us, "have you heard this new band on the radio? they are called new kids on the block!"

KAT said...

Jon is still the hottest!!