Deep thoughts.....by Ange Sanchez

I'm taking Old Testament survey at school right now. It's absolutely fascinating, I had no idea how much I've missed in the Old Testament. And pieces of the huge puzzle of God are actually starting to make sense. But it's also becoming so much more of a mystery.

I will never fully understand God.
I will never full grasp the dogma of the trinity.
I will never know how much actual "time" it took to create the earth.
God will indulge in our desires even when he knows what's best.
God's sovereignty filters through our own human affairs.
Lust was the downfall of hundreds of great kings and Godly men.
God likes numbers.

So many people in the Bible are summed up with a phrase, a theme, or a sin. At the end of my life, how do I want my life to be summed up? How about you? I know...heavy question, and nobody may answer this, but I think it's important to think about it. If we can accurately determine what we want the end result to be, then we should be striving to live our lives to fulfill that goal.

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The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

WOW! hmmmmm....i too have thought about this in the last week. Well, i would hope God would say i was faithful and a servant. I would hope my hubby would say i was loveing. And would hope my girls would think of me as joyful and dependable and nurturing. To my friend i would hope they could call me loyal and supportive and careing. I feel i come short in some of those and am praying and trying to work on them. Thanks Ange. Love you!