Irrational Fear #4

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I realized last night that I have a ridiculous irrational fear of my eyeballs popping out. Yes, you read that right. My eyeballs popping OUT of their sockets.

I think it all started when I saw an episode on ER, and this kid came in and his eyeballs were hanging out of their sockets. I feel woozy just typing this.

Or maybe it's because when I was little I always used to watch the Indiana Jones trilogy all the time, and in that one where that lady was eating eyeball soup.......yuck.
I know, ridiculous. The fact is, my eyeballs probably won't pop out. Not unless I do something to make them. ..........................But, really, what would make them come out??


The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

What about your fear of MAYO? Why are you afraid to buy the big jug at costco? And your afaid to dip you fries in it. and your afraid to LOOK at it let along eat it.

sunshine said...

i hate that movie...monkey brians:

1. no thanks
2. EW

Luke St.Hilaire said...

just reading about the ER kid made me woozy. haven't even seen that episode


Anonymous said...

I totally get your irrational fears. I told my friend Chris about them, ofcourse he thinks we are crazy, but he is not surprised.