I Want Candy

I have to say, Valentine's Day has fantastic candy. I love love love the candy sweethearts, the 'be mine' candies, chocolate of course is wonderful, the chocolate roses, etc.

Actually, now that I think about it, all holidays totally go all out for candy.
Easter: Cadbury Eggs, jelly beans...
Thanksgiving: Not candy...but all the other food...candy cornucopias?
Christmas: candy canes and everything else...my favorite is the Reese’s' Christmas trees...

What about candy for President's Day? I guess the chocolate coins will suffice.
What about candy for Flag Day? Yom Kippur?

In case you're in the candy business, reading this blog, you should click here to get a list of Federal Holiday's and start creating new candy for the "forgotten" holidays.

Happy Vday (or as I would say.......happy SINGLES AWARENESS DAY!!!)


Alli Hibb said...

I'm in for trying to market Candy Cornucopias...sounds brilliant!

amersons said...

i was calling today "happy pitchers and catchers report day" all day long, and i feel like this day should be celebrated with delicious chocolate baseballs, gummy bases, and greeting cards with our favorite players on the front.

i think i need to tell julie so that we can institute a national holiday!!!