Scottish accents are rad

One of my new favorite author's is Ron Boyd McMillan. He’s a fantastic writer, he puts intangible things into perspective, gives vivid word pictures, is a wonderful story teller, and I get absolutely enthralled with his books. I've only read one though, Faith That Endures, but I couldn't put down for 2 days.

He works for Open Doors occasionally (where I work), so that's a bonus!!! I get to interview him tomorrow for a podcast and I'm sooooo excited! One of the greatest things is that he has a Scottish accent. And that's just fun.

Classic statements from Ron's book, Faith That Endures:

"Please don't read any malice into this, but I used to feel quite annoyed at martyrs."

"Persecution is the consequence of the world's hatred toward Christ."

"Satan persecuted in two ways. Sometimes he tempts us directly....but Satan also used intermediaries through his power of suggesting temptation. So the conflict that results from identifying with Christ widens out from fighting one's own inner inclinations to struggling against the pressures of one's culture until one finally sets out to confront the forces that shape our culture."

This book isn’t a Debbie Downer, but so enlightening to understand how our culture and “contemporary persecution” fits in. I highly recommend it.

Someone today compared him with Donald Miller, another one of my favorite authors. I was surprised to hear this, but it made sense the more I thought about it. Great storyteller, great perspective, very into conforming our personal culture to Christianity. If you like anything by Donald Miller you’ll probably like Ron as well.

PS. A week ago was my one year anniversary at Open Doors. So great!!!

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