Lost a camera?

I recently came across this blog. It's actually pretty funny and clever.

I remember always getting those disposable cameras to go to camp...and losing them. I remember being a staff person at camps and ALWAYS finding cameras and nobody ever claiming them.

Well -- if you are one of those people do not dismay! Your camera may have been found, developed, emailed and posted on this blog. You may be saying to yourself, "Now why would someone go through all this trouble for a camera they know isn't theres?"

Here are some options:
1. They didn't know it wasn't their camera when they developed it
2. It was a digital camera, therefore much easier to upload and email
3. They're kind
4. They were once a victim of lost-camera-lost-priceless-photos
5. Curiosity killed the cat...and they REALLY needed to see what pics were taken on the camera

Now that I know this site exists, next time I find a camera (which actually, isn't that often) I will probably help out a pour soul and send in the pictures to this blog.

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The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

I sure wish the person that "FOUND" my camera at a wedding a few years ago would post the 500 photos that were on my 258mb card :( sorry it still hurts! thanks ange for reminding me.