What's Your Playlist Type?

So I have my new ipod! Yea! I've been getting some music from some people, and the other night I dragged my brother's entire itunes folder onto my ipod. However, I didn't look at any of the songs before I dragged them over...

So, after he left I was looking through it all and found a playlist entitiled, "David's Kick Ass Party Mix." I started browsing through the tunes (which didn't have any titles, so each click of the Play button brought on a glorious surprise).

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Lose Yourself, Eminem
  • My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion
  • Road to Recovery, Rick Muchow
  • Beauty and the Beast, artist unknown
  • Dreamin', Selena
  • All Star, Smashmouth

I think you can tell a lot about a person by their playlist. What do you think?


Julie Hibbard said...

I think you can tell a lot about a person from their music!! So happy that you have your music again!

Alli Hibb said...

I blogged about David's Kick Ass Party Mix too! I love it...