China in a Nutshell

Here's China in a very tiny nutshell...actually 10 tiny nutshells.

1. 1950: Communist Party of China, led by Mao Zedong, gained control over most of China. People's Republic of China became the "official" name...we just call it China.

2. 1976: Mao dies. But even though he's dead, people still revere him as a God...forcibly.

3. Most UN states don't associate with China because of their defunct political stances, their One-Child Policy (a policy which only allows each family to have one child, although they "claim" they don't enforce this -- they "implement" the policy through means of extermination), and their support of countries such as Sudan and North Korea.

4. China is pretty awesome to it's neighbors, which means they're pretty crappy to the actual people. They return North Korean refugees to the country which ='s prison & death camps for those refugees. China even helps support Darfur with money and military support.

5. China is known for it's violation of human rights. They abuse migrant workers, discriminate against believers, only allow their "version" of the Bible to be printed, put pastors in jail if they're not serving in "state-approved" churches, monitor, harass, detain, arrest and imprison activists, writers, journalists, and defense lawyers and their families, many of whom were seeking to exercise their rights under the law. Anyone who attempts to speak out gets thrown in jail, and China even censor's the internet and media!

6. 2001: China is chosen to host the 2008 Olympics; this caused a ton of people to get pissed off cuz of the vast amount of human rights violations that happens in the country. Even Steven Spielberg pulled out all involvement with the Olympics unless China did it's part to end it's involvement with supporting Darfur. Right now there is STILL a huge shadow over the Bejing Olympics.

7. Prior to being chosen to host the 2008 Olympics, the Human Rights committee head in China promised that China would "clean up their act and be proactive in reviving political and human rights in China."

8. A year later the same guy said human rights "isn't an issue anymore, we've set that aside to focus on the more important parts of hosting the Olympics in 2008." He's referring to building new high rise hotels and forcibly removing more than 10,000 people out of Beijing to make room for the skyscrapers, stadiums, and enthusiastic China-supporters. A majority of the forced out people are apparently believers, homeless, and freedom activists.

9. Freedom for the Chinese people hasn't changed much. Terrible stuff happens everyday to these people, social justice doesn't exist in this country. Can you imagine living in a country where you're not allowed to do what you want? Go to the church you want? Have as many children as you want? This is unfair -- it's not right.

10. Today, March 11th, the US State Department dropped China of Rights Violators list (a list of the worst abusers in the world)...apparently the state dept. thinks China is doing sooooo much better. Way to go George.

Read more about the stupid state department and pulling China off the list here. Here's a good site to bookmark...I read it all the time, great insight! Check it here.

Disclaimer: this is all Ange-opinion-based...but most are actual facts.

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