The Dirtiest Job in the World

I consider myself lucky to have a job where I'm not in the sun sweating, or in someplace super cold, and not getting filthy dirty as I make my salary. Here are some jobs I would never ever ever ever ever want to have:

Fast food employee at McDonalds
Grave digger
Someone who impregnates animals by
Sewage cleaner
Poultry processor
Rent a cop
Anyone on the Hillary campaign
House repossess-er

I'm glad I don't have one of the dirtiest jobs in the world....and according to 60 Minutes the dirtiest job in the world is a Ship Breaker in countries like Bangladesh. So, in addition to being #48 on the Open Doors World Watch List for persecuting Christians, Bangladesh also hold the title for the dirtiest job in the world. What's a ship breaker? Basically they kill ships...break them apart. To see the video click here.

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