Come on, come on, do the local emotion with me

Death is a part of life. Total cliché – I know, but nonetheless very true. Not only physical death; but the death of a long term constant, an ending of a chapter in our lives, a friendship, job, ministry, school, stability, security…. It seems as though everyone goes through a series of “death”, and no matter how often we go through it, it never seems to get easier, does it?
There are stages of grief people should go through. If someone doesn’t go through those stages what happens? In my opinion, the bottled up emotions that we avoid come out in one form or another. It could come out as anger towards someone, or irresponsibility, procrastination, or a new obsession or addiction. Our emotions try and find a channel out, and they’ll sneak out any avenue possible – no matter how often and how hard we try and push them back in. Whether we like it or not, we’re all human and have emotions.

A lot of times we try and mask our emotions so that we can have this façade of “everything is great,” and “my life is perfect.” We should all just cut the bullshit – nobody’s life is perfect, everyone has issues, why do we try and hide them? The weird thing is, years ago we may have pushed something so far in and never allowed ourselves to feel it – and we’re not realizing that it’s being played out right now in our life, and that’s why we’re having “issues” with things. Ever wonder why you can’t make relationships work? Wonder why you find yourself gossiping a lot? Complaining? Jump from job to job? I can’t guarantee it, but you’re probably working through something and you don’t realize it.

By the way, I’m not passive aggressive blogging or anything. This is just something I’ve come to terms with over the past 27 years of my life, and writing it down helps me process and almost solidifies the thoughts that have been jumbled up.

To be continued….

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Julie Hibbard said...

Wow! I agreee! I agree!