Feelings, nothing more than feelings...(?)

...Continued from my previous post...

The death of anything in our lives is traumatic, and my trauma doesn’t negate your trauma, and vice versa. It's pretty crappy when people try and "out-do" trauma in your life....the following conversation should never happen, but it does…often:

Me: “I’m really tired today.”
Other person: “Really? You have no idea what tired is! I did this and this….blah blah blah….”


Me: “I’m going through a rough time right now.”

Other person: “You have no idea what a rough time is! You have it so easy! Once this happened to me…blah blah blah.”

When someone reacts this way when we share our feelings only makes it harder to share them later on. Especially when we’re going through some sort of death in our life, we need “that person” to share our pain with. That person may change as the seasons of our life change, and it’s okay not to have that same person for everything. If you don’t have a “person” – go to a counselor. Whatever it is, if you choose to push your emotions back in then it’ll find it’s way out sooner or later…

And do everyone a favor, don't try and out-do your previous or present circumstance with someone who is hurting. It truly doesn't help anyone.

The end.

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natalie annette said...

I love that you wrote this. I had a friend in high school that would always do this. Her main story was that her parents were starving her because they gave her brother the last helping of mashed potatoes instead of giving them to her.

It was always a battle with her and when you tried to explain that to her she didnt want to listen.