As I was watching my absolute favorite show ever (LOST) this evening, Hurley and Sayid were playing a good old fashioned game of Horseshoes while everyone else was fighting to stay alive. I actually really love a good game of Horseshoes. I think this game is so fun...but how did it even begin?

Did someone decide one day...
"Hey, this thing I nail into the bottom of my horses' foot, I should throw it and make it fling around that iron rod that comes out of the ground."?

Or, "Horseshoes suck!" (then proceeded to toss the horseshoe, which flings around the iron rod coming out of the ground)?

Or, "I'm terrible at shotput, but I can throw a horseshoe."?

Or, "Hey, this toilet seat is too big, and it looks like my horses' shoes." (then proceeded to toss the oversized toilet seat [aka regular sized toilet seat, but this must have been a midget with a tiny ass] out the bathroom / outhouse window and it caught on that iron rod again)?

I used to play Horseshoes all the time on my Pepe's farm, but I haven't played in a good 10 years or so. If you have a horseshoe pit in your backyard let me know so I can come over and play.

Or, I could just join the N.H.P.A. (National Horseshoe Pitching Association of America).

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PETE Di LALLO said...

I haven't watched LOST since the first year, but if they were playing horseshoes tell me where they got them...were there horses on the plane that crashed? are there natives on the island with horses that are shod, shoed or whatever it's called?
I'd really like to know...