Thin mints, Samoas, Sashes and Patches

I love Girl Scout Cookie season. These delectable cookies are delicious, come in their own ice cream, delivered to your desk, and only come once a year. They are overall splendid!

This year I tried a new cookie: Thanks-A-Lot shortbread cookies. They are quite delicious! But my favorite will always remain with the ever-scrumptrulescent Samoas. Frozen thin mints come in a close second...

I remember selling Girl Scout cookies when I was young. Before I sold cookies I started off as a Daisy, then became a Brownie, then graduated to a Girl Scout. I had the whole outfit and those bitchin' patches. It's odd to think about being a part of a program that makes you wear such odd uniforms. It's Awana meets the Parent Trap (the original) meets the Troop Beverly Hills. I wonder when Girl Scouts first started (1912) if patches were an actual motivation for girls. If I were to re-join the clan I probably wouldn't give a crap about how many patches I have. Or, I would go crazy competitive and get every possible patch.

What's your favorite girl scout cookie???


Gracie said...

Here are my favorites:

1. Thin mints: Since I bought 6 boxes of it this year.

2. Samoas: 4 boxes

3. Thanks a lot: 2 boxes

12 boxes. 1 box per month. So happy. :)

Great Post!!!!

Luke St.Hilaire said...

wait, what the heck. you were in girl scouts?