Dharma Whole Foods

I love Whole Foods. A new one opened by my work and it's HUGE. I go there frequently to eat lunch, it's amazing. One of the more amazing things about Whole Foods is the Dharma-type-utensil-dispensers. It ralso eminds me of being in a cafeteria. A really expensive cafeteria with sushi, a sit down restaurant, hundreds of unique german beers, free guacamole samples, and a cheese bar.

After you purchase your food, you can go over to the Dharma Dispensers to gather your utensils.

First, you look at the dispenser.
Then, you push the red lever.Then, a fork magically slides out.

It's pretty fun. Too bad music doesn't play when it slides down...the kind of music like when Sawyer got his polar bear biscuits while he was trapped in his cage. By the way, I'm SO excited LOST is back.


Alli Hibb said...

This almost guarantees that no one else has touched your utensil! (Except for the machine loader...but maybe he wears gloves)

Gracie said...

I HEART WHOLE FOODS!!!! We're not going to be eating together for a WHOLE month! I'm sad. :(