LOST Predictions

My cousin Justin and I frequently discuss our LOST predictions for this season, and the end of the entire show. Being across the country from one another is tough, but we're able to clearly state our predictions/loves/tears & fears about the show thru texting.

Do not read past this point if you're not caught up on LOST.


They won't get off the island. Ben wins everyone's trust, then stabs them in the back. Jacob starts talking to Hurley. Jin dies. We discover the black smoke is Jacob. Jack removes his own appendix. Then becomes the new doctor on the S.S. Whitemore Freighter with Kevin Johnson aka Michael.


Justin's: While Ben is trying to kill Penny (Charlies Whitmore's daughter / Desmond's lady), Desmond gets there just in time and kills him. Claire dies. Sawyer dies an unpleasant death saving Kate or Hurley. Juliet dies saving the baby, and saves the Oceanic 6 because of her superior knowledge. Locke takes over the island, renames it Lockeville.

Ange's Predictions: Juliet dies in a heroic way (to show that she's a good person after all). Kate takes the baby as a promise to Claire because Claire selflessly gives up her spot on the boat that comes to rescues them. The Oceanic 6 make promises to everyone to come back and rescue them, but they never do. That's why Hurley ends up in the crazy house. That sketchy scientist "i can make a satellite phone from chicken wire and duct tape" guy -- turns out to be a good guy. He adopts Vincent when they leave the island.
Feel free to add to the list....

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Corby said...

They won't get off the island??? We already know Jack, Kate, Sun, Sayid, Hurley, Aaron and Ben are off the island and we found out Jack and Kate got off at the end of season 3.

Jin is not dead (he is still on the island). Jin's date of death, on the "fake" tombstone, is listed as the same day of 815's crash. Also when Sun goes into labor, she calls out for him in delirium, refusing to give birth without him.

I don't think Claire is going to die either. The writers got everyone thinking that because Kate has Aaron in the future. Jack and Claire are brother and sister and I think Jack finally finds this out in the future, when he tells Kate, "Your not even related to him". We just haven't seen it yet.

I also think Kate was doing something to help Cassidy and Sawyer's child Clementine.

The black smoke is some kind of machine that Ben has created to gather information and use as protection on the island only.

Ben, Locke and Hurley will visit Jacob and Hurley goes crazy because Jacob shows him something.

Michael is going to be in the coffin we saw at the end of season 3.

I have no idea how this show will finally end and I love it for that very reason!