You got me relaxin...sleepin...dancin...eatin...

A couple of my friends from work took me away for the weekend -- I had NO IDEA where we were going. So right after the protest they took me to the Hilton Resort and Spa in San Diego -- freaking incredible place!! It's one of those places where everything is so beautiful, and you never ever ever want to leave. Beautiful rooms, beautiful pool and cabana's, beautiful restaurants and sunsets, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Went dancing at the Gaslamp District, ate amazing food, and hung out by the pool with my new favorite drink: a mango mojito...mmmm.... My friends are the best!!


Julie Hibbard said...

Fun fun fun fun!!
So glad you had fun! You look great too!
What great friends you have!!!
Love your new blog picture!

sunshine said...

seriously, you are so cute!! "PHOTOSHOOT, PHOTOSHOOT, PHOTOSHOOT!"

Gracie said...

June 7th: back to Hilton Spa & Resort. :)

I'm so glad that you had fun and that it was blog worthy. You know, that is the true test...whether it will make it on the blog or not. I'm glad it did!

We'll do it again soon. I'm sure I'll be racking up some points in Europe! Yeah for points! Boo for the Euro being so darn strong!

The Blonde Assassin said...

I'm so jealous! How fun!