Protest for Tibet and North Korea

So I found out today that the Free Tibet Campaign will be joining our protest this weekend. This makes me glad for these reasons:

1. More media attention for Tibet and North Koreans
2. More people praying

I have to admit, I'm pretty nervous about it, it's my first official protest I've coordinated. I've been to a few protests with Open Doors, but I've been involved like this. I'm REALLY praying it'll go well, and we'll get the word out about people suffering in these countries at the hand of the Chinese government.

Right after my friends are taking me away to a secret-undisclosed-location for my birthday -- good times! I'm so excited!

If you're available and want to be a part of something amazing...come and join me!

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The Josh said...

hey im not going to be able to come cuz i totallyspaced out that i have prom the nite b4...