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Today at work we started making signs for the protest this weekend. I wanted the signs to be unique from each other, so Deanna, Grace and I spent some time coming up with some cool phrases we could put on the signs:

"The Chinese Government is laaaaammmmme"
"North Koreans are people too!"
"Hey Chinese Government -- why are you trying to be like Hitler?"
"Why can't we all just get along?"
"No Jesus, No Peace. KNOW Jesus, KNOW peace"
"Just do it! Release the North Korean refugees!"

What do you think? Politically correct? no. I don't think so either. So, we decided to go with ones that are probably more socially and politically friendly.

If you come on Saturday you can see some of the brilliant signs that made it in the top 50.


Alli Hibb said...

"Why are you trying to be like Hitler" is SUPER funny...

Gracie said...

N. Koreans are people too! Why did that not make it in the top 50?