The Mall of America

The highlights of going to this mall:
-Seeing an actual amusement park inside (not just a couple kiddie rides...see pic below)
-Going inside the biggest H&M I’ve ever seen
-Seeing 9 stores dedicated to ducks (I only went on the 1st/2nd floors…so there are probably more)
-An actual QVC store
Things I didn’t expect to see in the Mall of America:
-Hooters restaurant
-Tropicana store (the juice...)
-Going inside Build A Bear Workshop and the employees recognizing me (I'm on BABW's training videos)
-A dance competition
-An aquarium amusement park (huge sharks…petting area…etc)
-A miniature golf course
-Glamour Shots (for adults and kids of course)

And....the MOST unexpected thing thing I saw was...

A WEDDING CHAPEL. Yup. (By the way, who would want to get married at a mall?)

This place was so huge, that there were a lot of duplicate and triplicate stores also. (3 Caribou Coffees, 2 Nestle, 2 American Eagle, 3 Lids, etc.)



Sharon said...

Wow! It reminds me of Saddleback Church!!

The Blonde Assassin said...

Wait?! You're in the training video? What the...