The Fair, a Five.Oh., and Fergie: Pt. 1

What an adventurous day! Because it was so amazing and there's too much to blog about for one post, I will be dividing it into 3 separate posts. Here we go...

Part 1:
Went to the OC Fair with Mr. and Mrs. Nantkes, I haven't been in a few years and it was so great!

Ate some delectable and scrumptious fair food...corn...corn dogs...and my first official funnel cake.
We love Rock Band!
These 2 are so stinking cute.
I milked a fake cow.
I love animals. Amy hates animals. But she sucked it up and walked through the farm area with me...and even posed for a picture. Baby steps Amerson...baby steps.
Love the fair, I need to go back before it leaves and try at least one of these:

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