The Fair, a Five.Oh., and Fergie: Pt. 2

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While we were at the fair we passed a large group of people and noticed something...a few cops had pinned down a guy and a girl on the ground. The guy had this long twirled fish wire connected from his body to a taser gun held by a cop. I have no idea what they did...but I'm assuming it had to be pretty intense for someone to get tasered at the Orange County Fair.

BTW -- "A Taser fires two small dart-like electrodes, connected to the main unit by conductive wire and propelled by small compressed nitrogen charges similar to some air gun or paintball marker propellants." A taser gun has these fish hooks that attach to the body, and the fish line sends an electric shock to the body. Thank you Wikipedia.

Note to self: if I'm going to do anything illegal at the Orange County Fair, make sure to wear something heavier than a Level III body armor vest so the taser hooks can't get me.

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Anonymous said...

He probably tried to milk the cows & got busted.