The Fair, a Five.Oh., and Fergie: Pt. 3

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So we were about to walk into the fair and we noticed this big back gate by the amphitheater which was open. So, we walked in. We heard some music...went towards the stage and Fergie was doing a sound check. So what did we do? We went down to the floor...sat and watched her practice. RAD.

We wanted to stay for the concert, but after hanging out for an hour we got booted. So we went into the fair. A few hours later some scalper guy gave us an $80 ticket for $0. Then, Andre talked some other guy into giving us 2 other $80 tickets for $36. The seats were amazing -- we were about 15 rows back, sat next to Fergie's agent, close to her whole family and Josh Duhamel, and were AMAZED when Slash (former Guns and Roses guitarist and now famous Rock Band hero) came on stage and played some songs with Fergie Ferg. I'm VERY impressed with her performance! It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

That's her on stage...

With Slash

PS -- to see my little Fergie Ferg video click HERE


amersons said...

i think that fergie was legen--wait for it--DARY!

sunshine said...

hmmmm.... i have never been to the fair. and you seem to enjoy it.