And another one bites the dust...

After reading countless blogs and conversations about this book, I decided to take the plunge and read it. I cannot believe how much I absolutely loved this book. (If you are unfamiliar with the Twilight series then you should stop what you're doing and go purchase this series and start reading right away.)

I love a good book. I love a book that draws me into the world within the pages. I love a book that engages every emotion that I have and puts feelings I've felt into such beautiful articulation that I swear the author is inside my head. I love a book that I can recommend to others, and truly enjoy watching their reactions and excitement when something surprising or unbelievable happens.

The Twilight movie is coming out in the fall...and the trailer is out, but I can't seem to get myself to watch it. I have this image branded into my mind about the two main characters...and I don't want to spoil it! So if you know who is playing the main characters, don't tell me.

While in SD this weekend I read the first book (Twilight) and now I'm on to the 2nd book -- New Moon. I am contemplating calling sick into work tomorrow so I can finish it.

Okay, back to reading and to the wonderful world of Edward Cullen.


Julie Hibbard said...

I started it this morning and am half way through.
I love it but I wish they'd kiss more! I would!

Ange said...

I know!!! I do too!!!! I giggle SO MUCH when they do!!!

bri brockman said...

ANGE! i just finished this book like an hour ago. it took me 2 days. i already bought and started New Moon, and passed on twilight to my friend. im so excited to talk to her all about it!

so glad you feel the same way.

p.s. when you're done with all 4 of these gems, read THE TIME TRAVELERS WIFE by Audrey Niffenegger. its painfully good.

sunshine said...

im glad you liked it
im addicted.