Heated debate = Classic Quotes

The other night in class (Ethics) we had a 4 hour discussion on the biblical basis for reproduction techniques for couples who are infertile. In vitro fertilization, egg donation, surrogacy, etc. Our class was pretty divided on the subject...some had the traditional Roman Catholic response that all techniques are morally unacceptable, and if a couple is infertile the only option for them is adoption.

On the other hand, some had a more liberal viewpoint justifying all options are morally acceptable since God said to be fruitful and multiply (Gen 9:7).

During this heated debate I thought a couple guys were going to start throwing sucker punches at each other...totally awesome. I had no idea the subject was so highly controversial, in my mind it's pretty black and white. Being one of 2 girls in a class of 17 gave me a unique viewpoint on a guy's perspective on the subject.

There were some quotes thrown out there that made me laugh...here are a couple:

Quote 1: "Do my testicles have moral value?!?"
Quote 2: "What's morally wrong about selling babies?"

I wish I had recorded this discussion...seriously.

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