The Art of Poor Suckers

Someone is usually considered a good leader if they delegate. But have you ever thought of the reason why leaders have to delegate so much?

Leaders make decisions. Decisions are made through discussions and meetings. Many meeting equal to many decisions. Many meetings equal out to little time spent actually working on those decisions and putting them into action. Therefore, a leader has no choice but to delegate -- otherwise they wouldn't have a job.

So what is a good leader? Someone who can fill up their days with meetings? And then find some poor sucker in the office to develop those decisions a reality?

So tell me again...why do top leaders and executives need degrees? One day when I own my own company my leadership structure will be very lateral...not much hierarchy. I want my team to be able to put into action what they feel is necessary. Not soley rely on the work of others to complete the "dirty work".

Leaders need to set an example. Servant leadership is the only way to go.

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The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

Ange, are you talking about sucking people into leadership? HHEHEHEHEHEHEH