A conversation at the theatre

In line to get popcorn at the movies today. When I get up to the counter...

Me: I'd like a large coke and a small popcorn please.

Popcorn lady: Okay, sure.

[And then I see the large large large coke.]

Me: Wow, that's a large coke! (it was about the size of my purse.)

Her: Well....you look like a tall lady, so your kidney's could probably handle this large of a coke.

Note: huh?? WTC?!


amersons said...

and thank you for blogging this.

kidneys and coke? how are they related again???

Robert Kunda said...

I've seen you, you're not tall. Or even vertically neutral.

PETE Di LALLO said...

I bet the popcorn lady's other brilliant comment is "Do you want fries with that?"

Anonymous said...

well Amy amerson- your kidney are one of the oragns in the body that help filter all the crap that coke puts in. Excessive acidity in the body brought on by coke causes an acid-base imbalance in the blood stream. acidic blood is no bueno. EQUAL DEATH!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW- that was written by your fabulous sister!
please blog about 90210!

amersons said...

oh my gosh mercedes. there you go with all of that smart nurse rhetoric. thanks for the education! what does diet coke do to your kidneys?