Beverly Hills 90210

I love it. The original show truly defined a generation, and truly changed how the rest of America viewed Californians...and then ended 10 seasons later. I always loved the show...I was a Luke Perry fan...

I love the new cast (Lori Loughlin [Aunt Rebecca from Full House], Jennie Garth [original Kelly Taylor], Shenae Grimes, Rob Estes [original Colin], and surprise visits from Nat [Peach Pit] and Brenda Walsh). The story was what I expected it to be: rich kids with unlimited money, thrilling plot, surprising twists, and of course....the poor kids from Kansas moving into Beverly Hills 90210 -- love it! I watched the 2 hr season premier with 6 other devout 90210 fans, couldn't have been better!

Tuesday nights on the CW...don't miss out.

And by the way...if you'd like to watch some classic original Beverly Hills 90210 just click HERE and enjoy.

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Robert Kunda said...

Man, I am glad we don't have television anymore!