The End of Yorktown

Tonight we had our last "official" class at Biola (I'm not completely finished, I have a couple Bible and GE classes left). We spent about 2 hours talking about how the program has influenced our lives, good memories, our challenges and how we've grown personally and together over the past 18 months.

I am genuinely going to miss each one of these people. We've seen each other every week (with only a couple breaks) for a year and a half; we've not only struggled through courses together, but shared our lives which brought us extremely close. Seasons of life have come and gone...we've lost and gotten new jobs, babies have been born, adopted kids, people have moved, newbies have come and gone, there have been family deaths and tragedies, etc etc etc...tears come to my eyes just thinking of not being a part of these people's lives anymore...
I think our group was a rare one though, there were 16 of us, and the compatibility and boldness amongst our group allowed for fearless debates and discussion (see previous post here); yet kind enough to allow our hearts and minds to be vulnerable with each other. Despite our would-be-boxing-if-it-weren't-for-our-professor debates, there were never harsh feelings...I have no idea how it happened but our group genuinely loved and cared about each other. I'm still amazed that God put me here in this group, I wouldn't have made it through without them.

It's always hard to put what your heart feels into actual words; but I love each person in this cohort. I will always love the time we spent together and will miss each of them dearly...

Goodbye Yorktown :(

PS. I just re-read this and it sounds like a graduation speech. Whatev.


John Whittaker said...


Yorktown [yawrk-toun] : A group of sixteen individuals who came together over sixteen months in 2007 and 2008 at Biola University for an intensive program of rigorous academic study, debate, and spiritual growth. See also: Best cohort ever.

I completely agree with you Ange, there was really something special about our group. Thursdays are going to feel hollow for some time, but we all took a degree in organizational leadership at one of the nation's the foremost Christian universities for a reason. We have been well prepared to make an impact as believing leaders in this world. Now it is time to go out and do it.

I genuinely can't wait to hear what the next few years hold for this extraordinary group of people.

Robert Kunda said...

Fine! Take all of the nice things to say.

How about this: I agree.