Christian Halloween

If I were a hard core Bible Belt Christian, this is how I would celebrate Halloween:

- Have a Martin Luther dress up party (oh wait...I've already been to one of those...)
- Dress up like my favorite Bible character (either Esther or Eve)
- Instead of giving candy to trick-or-treaters, give them Bible tracts and Rick Muchow CDs
- For every kid I saw dressed as the devil I would throw a Bible at them
- Turn my candy dish into a basket w/ loaves and fishes inside
- Instead of spooky Halloween sounds playing outside my house, I would play the Bible on CD (the James Earl Jones version to keep it creepy sounding, yet Biblical)
- Instead of turning my house into a Haunted Mansion, I would turn it into "Walk Thru The Bible" tour; half of the house for Old Testament, half for New Testament
- Start a protest on the corners of popular trick-or-treater streets
- Carve my pumpkin with the face of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Then put 9 candles inside to make it look like they're in a furnace

If you were a hard core Bible Belt Christian, how would you celebrate Halloween?


Gracie said...

I would have a movie night watching Sunday School Musical and playing Guitar Praise with my "Pick Jesus" pick.

Julie Hibbard said...

Did you make this up? Hilarious!
I would be Eve too. Just wear a big snake!

Ange said...

Julie -- I did make this up! So fun!

Emil said...

id be a fire representing hell and throw all the sinners towards me.