I heart jetBlue

Why? I'll tell you why.
Even though our flight took off an hour late due to the fog, and I've flown jetBlue several times before...I'm pretty sure I will fly jetBlue every chance from now on.

I had the emergency exit row to myself, so I (of course) took advantage of the situation and layed down.
As I was enjoying my cat nap, I flipped between channels showing Hook, HGTV, National Lampoons Vacation, and Bring It On.
Also, unlike other stupid airlines, this airline doesn't charge for food or drinks.


Natalie Annette said...

this has nothing to do with jet blue, but i have to tell you something.

the regal cinemas in foothill are going to have a midnight showing of twilight. a little birdie told me you might be interested in going.

if you do let me know, i'm planning on going with jessie schuster and ariel plaza.

Robert Kunda said...

Never flew jet Blue. Virgin America rocked the house, though.