SkyMall Monday

Are you tired of bumping into things during those nighttime walks around the house? Are you too lazy to flip on that lightswitch? If so, then I have the perfect gift for your Thanksgiving Wish List: The Brightfeet Lighted Slippers.
From now on you can slip on these stylish slippers, flip on the slipper switch, and walk to the bathroom, kitchen, backyard and neighbors house for all your nighttime needs.

It's like having nightlights on your feet! Ideal for midnight bathroom runs!

*Can also be used for hikes in dark tunnels, jogs through dark alleys, and working in coal mines.

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Emil said...


here is the question i pose....what if you stub your toe, out of pain grab it, but are then blinded by the bright light directed towrd your face, fall on the floor, hit your head and then bleed to death...there could be a major liability issue. just saying.