Twilight Review

I LOVED it. Although it got horrible reviews, I'm pretty sure the people who reviewed it hadn't read the books. I think people who didn't read the books won't enjoy it as much.

I truly enjoy going to midnight openings when movies come out. There is such excitement and a huge display of weirdo's. Yes, we all wore Twilight shirts, but there were so many people way more decked out than we were! We got there at 10PM, and people had been camped out since 3PM.

I also love being in a theater where the crowd cheers, claps, and is super excited about the movie. Yes, there were cheesy parts, and no, some guys will never understand the true obsession that some women have with this film. I think guys should just suck it up, read the books, and go see the movie. I think it'll help them actually understand the ladies a little bit more!

This is us coming out of the theatre -- SO EXCITED!


John Whittaker said...

Umm... No. This movie is for girls.

Jay K said...