SkyMall Monday (is back!)

Do you like cutting things? Do you like eating pizza? Are you tired of using your rolling pizza cutter only to be frustrated by stringy cheese? Well, look no further! Try the new Pizza Pro today!

With the Pizza Pro you can easily cut your pizza on the right side! [Because, let's be honest, you really don't need to cut the left side of your pizza slice.] With the Pizza Pro you will be the hit at every pizza Birthday party, your Bible Small Group dinner, and your Superbowl Party this weekend! Everyone will get a kick* out of this ingenius invention to slice your pizza in a neat and tidy way! The Pizza Pro -- order yours today!


PETE Di LALLO said...

I'll bet you any money an Italian invented this!
Hope all is well with you...

Emil said...

im so happy this is back :)