Week in Review: Jan 28, 2009

last week was: unbelievable. It was the first week of a 2-week training, and I've never been in a more intense training in my life. It's all amazing information, a lot to process, a lot to implement, but great stuff. We have met so many incredible people, heard incredible stories, and are continuing to do so all this week. My tour team is so awesome, I'm really happy to be working with all of them!

most interesting thing that happened last week: (thank you Natalie for the suggestion!) My friend Emily driving up from Portland and going to the first Starbucks!

where I am at the moment: Sitting in my hotel room in Federal Way, WA; charging all my technology (same as last week.)

procrastinating about: getting dinner and studying.

book I'm in the midst of: none! Which is weird for me, I'm usually always in the midst of a book, right now I'm consumed with reading material for work...

tv I'm watching: How I Met Your Mother...the episode about the Intervention.

next stop: OC on Friday night!

how I'm feeling about this week: Bummed because I feel like I need more time here to process all this info and keep asking my million questions. I'm also bummed about packing; flying over here my bag weighed 57.6 lbs, and I've gathered at least another 20 lbs of stuff to take home. This is a problem because 1) I have absolutely NO room, 2) I will probably end up paying a fee to the airline. Do I buy another duffel at Target or wing it and hope for the best?

what I'm excited for: On Friday we're going to another Experiential exhibit with World Refugee Fund. I'm also excited about our first stop on tour in Santa Ana (Feb 18 - 25-ish...details soon) And I know it's only been a couple weeks, but I'm excited to see my family and friends...I don't like being so disconnected from everyone! Thank goodness for Twitter...


Emil said...

:) we have to do it again!!!

Emil said...
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Ryanne said...

I say buy another bag. You could probably buy one for $10. Unless they are going to charge you for the second bag then wing it.

AMIT said...

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