The Evolution of Giles

I am a San Diego Padres fan. This began several years ago, I mostly tagged along to games with Amy when Andre was working (Pod Squad). For the past few years I have become a huge fan of Brian Giles. I've had my picture taken with his butt many, MANY times, but never for reals. I started following his stats...stories... (and despite the recent lawsuit stuff...I still like him; let's let the court's decide this outcome. Not a golddigger and the media.)

I went to a Spring Training game a couple weeks ago, went a little early to just hang out...my friend and I were just hanging out by the sidelines, hoping to see some cool players...right before the game started we walked back towards our seats (which were AMAZING -- thank you Andre!)

But lo and behold...I turned and saw Giles walk out and start signing autographs. I literally ran down to the sidelines, pushed and shoved the little kids out of the way, and said: "Hi Giles, I'm Ange, can I take a picture with you?" He posed, I posed, it was a beautiful moment.

I had butterflies in my stomach for about an hour after it happened...it was like meeting a rock star or something. Truly though, there aren't too many people in the world that I would get freaked out about meeting. Bono, Donald Miller, Jimmy Fallon, anyone from the cast of 30 Rock or LOST, and Brian Giles.

Who would you freak out about meeting? Anyone in particular? Celebrities in general?


amy said...

loved this!!!

Anonymous said...

ok. so you have taken pictures with his butt but did you get a chance to touch it?