[Still] On the Road

I've realized a few things being on the road:
1. It's true what they say...you realize who your true friends are. The ones who call you. The ones who text you. The ones who ask how it's going and listen for more than 2 minutes. The ones who not just ask how it's going, but talk about normal things too.
2. I like and need routine more than I thought.
3. It's almost impossible to keep up on TV shows. Thank goodness TV is online. Except for American Idol, which I haven't watched in weeks.
4. I love home cooked meals. I miss home cooked meals. And I actually miss cooking.
5. I need a personal IT tech support person. Online forums for troubleshooting computer stuff sucks.
6. California isn't the only cool place to live.
7. I am (once again) amazed at the bubble we live in Orange County. There is so much more out there then what's inside the OC. If you've never been outside this county for more than a week at a time, you need too. For serious.

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Julie Hibbard said...

Hi!! How are you? (Feel free to talk for more than two minutes...I'll wait.)
I am SO excited to see you and spend some time catching up while we take in a GREAT game, a hot dog or two and a nice cold beer!!!
So glad you are enjoying the road. Oh the places you'll go and the stories you'll have to tell.
I promise...I'll really listen!