The forgotten baby animals

Everyone (including me) always gushes over baby animals. Especially the typical ones: puppies, kittens, penguins, giraffes, etc. But what about these forgotten baby animals? I never hear anyone saying, "Oh -- let me show you an adorable video on YouTube of this baby coyote" or "Did you see that poster in my room of the kitten, the duck and the baby porcupine?" or "I got a new bedspread...it's a baby elk -- so adorable!"

Let's be honest....all baby animals are cute....If you can find an ugly baby animal then I dare you to show it to me. But I'll probably disagree.

awwww....aren't these cute??(rhino)





Anonymous said...

I want you to look up a book called "delivering bad news with baby animals" it funny! I got the giggles over it during a class yesterday.

John Whittaker said...

You dared...baby robins are absolutely not cute:


Hope you're doing great!