My New Roommate!

I am living in an apartment in Tacoma, WA for the summer. My roommate is also my co-worker (east coast tour for the World Vision Experience: AIDS.) Here are some things you should know about Nikki:

1. She's a vegetarian. [I haven't converted, but I have to admit -- I've been eating less than half the amount of meat that I did before...I'm an "on-the-fence-vegetarian-but-still-like-steak" person at the moment.]
2. We have the exact same technology as each other (iPhone, Mac, Blackberry, iHome, Dell, etc.)
3. She's from San Diego, been touring with World Vision since April 2008.
4. I just introduced her to 30 Rock and she loves it.
5. She lets me take as many jumping pictures as I want.
6. She doesn't make fun of my cute but could get slightly annoying obsession for animals.
7. She's a great travel planner!
8. She loves Starbucks, H&M, and Nordstroms.
9. She's passionate about what she does, and devotes 110% to whatever she tackles.
10. She is one of the most caring and empathetic person I've ever known -- I'm so lucky to have an incredible roommate. I cannot imagine being up here without my friends and family and being stuck living with someone else...that could be disastrous!

So...without further adieu...let me introduce you to Nikki :)

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