The Victoria(ous) 10

Spent some time in Victoria, BC last weekend. While we (Nikki, my roommate/co-worker) and I were there we realized we utilized multiple types of transportation for the quick 2 day trip. In fact, we used 10 total forms of transportation, here we go:

1. Drove in our car from Tacoma to Bellingham.
2. Took a ferry from Bellingham to Victoria, BC (which we saw a TON of orca's on the way over!)

3. Rode water taxi's to get into town

4. Took a street taxi
5. Rode in a Coach bus to Butchart Gardens

6. Rode on a public transportation bus (which, let's face it, is completely different than a coach)
7. Walked....skipped....jumped (if you consider jump a form of transportation. Cuz I do) around multiple places in BC -- this was at our incredible hotel, The English Inn.
8. Rode in a trolly (and saw amazing buildings like this)

9. Open top tour bus around Victoria (Craigdarroch Castle, the beach)

10. And finally...to complete our 10 modes, we rode in a Pedicab back to our ferry. Amazing!

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