Trailing Around

My friend, Chris Hennig, is doing something I would never attempt. He is hiking the Appalachian Trail. He is on month 4, more than halfway there, and motivated to finish his last 800 miles-ish. Now, here's the deal: I have no desire to hike 2200 miles. I have no desire to camp for 8+ months. I have no desire to live (mostly) in solitude for such a long period of time. However, I have a desire to see kids lives changed. And that's what Chris is doing.

He isn't hiking to get in shape, he isn't hiking because he's bored or wanted to have quality time by himself; he's hiking to bring awareness to the fact that kids in developing countries need sponsors, like you and me, to bring about change. I love how he's sacrificing so much of his own time to do this, it's motivating and incredible.

Would you walk 2200 miles to change lives? I know, I know...this isn't an option for many of us -- but we can hike vicariously through Chris :) You can follow his journey -- his website is rad...his blogs and videos are awesome...and you can watch his crazy beard progression -- hello Forrest Gump...?Go to his website by clicking here or go to http://2200miles.com

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