My Favorite Picture

I found this random hill and statue of Mary in North Dakota yesterday, I saw it from afar and it reminds me of my meme's house (grandma.)

Meme had a statue of Mary in a bathtub in her yard my entire childhood. I always remember looking at it and wondering why Mary was in a bathtub (I still don't know the exact reason why.) It's such a fond memory now, if you ask anyone in my huge family we all remember Bathtub Mary with love... So when I saw this, it immediately brought me back to my childhood in Williamstown, MA. I love the bird houses leading up to the statue...and how it's perfectly placed with the cross on the hill. I sat and looked at this for about a half an hour...and have been staring at this picture for a while. So nice...serene...peaceful...comforting.

Bathub Mary in Williamstown, MA no longer exists. It was taken down several years ago, along with her house. I wonder where the statue is now...

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this is such a gorgeous picture, really reminds me on Meme's house! Thank you for the lovely memory, give the family my love.