On the Road Again...

Drove through Washington and Idaho yesterday, Montana today, and currently in North Dakota. It's actually quite therapeutic to drive by yourself for an extended period of time, if you've never done it then I highly recommend it. You can listen to whatever music you want, stop how often you want, take as many pictures as you want, and even get into crazy situations as often as you like (I'm referring to me accidentally getting locked into the Buffalo Gap campground, in the middle of nowhere, had to 411 Dawson's County [which was right after I passed over Dawson's Creek -- ahh yes!] then called the sheriff to get out...I think he felt sorry for me, so he invited me to supper with his family.)

As I was driving I saw quite a few cool and quirky things, here is just a small taste of the road trip today:

These rolls of hay were everywhere...I grew to like them after looking at them for 7 hrs.
From Billings, MT, through the West Yellowstone pass.

Somewhere in North Dakota, I stopped quite a bit to take cool pics.
This reminds me of The Ridamark.
Home on the Range?! I had no idea this was an actual place!
I know what you're thinking...where can I find the largest steel sculptures of birds in the world? Oh -- right here in North Dakota.
And of course, another sunset picture!
Such a great day...another 2 days of driving then I'm done -- woohoo!!!


PETE Di LALLO said...

Ange, It's fun following you across the northern U.S.
I love looking at your beautiful pictures...

Anonymous said...

are you driving back? and when?

Anonymous said...

I love your sunset pictures!
(from dev)