One of the best stadium concerts of my life! The U2 360 tour was freaking amazing -- I love that this concert was all about the music! Snow Patrol opened, they were way better than I thought they would be; Bono was fantastic, everyone needs to experience a concert like this at least once in their life! We got tickets on the floor (Soldiers Field in Chicago) so we were right up to the stage, such an incredible show!

And by the way, they were so much better than that U2 cover band I saw a couple nights before. I am, once again, convinced that the cover "Bono" has never seen Bono live.

The stage was incredible -- very space ship looking!

Up close and personal with Adam.

Up close and personal with Bono.
Jen (co-worker) and I had SUCH a good time. A spur of the moment decision -- it was so worth it!

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